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A Thursday Show Part Dos

Posted: 20th July 2011 by 130jackson in Concerts

Originally scheduled to take place at the Blacksburg YMCA, Flannel Gurl is bringing a number of great bands to 130 Jackson.  We are excited to see returning to Blacksburg,  Weak Teeth,  Comrades, and Time to Bleed.  Also coming will be My Fictions, Girlfight, and Resolution. The show starts at 8p.  The cost is $5 at […]

How To Get There

Posted: 12th July 2011 by 130jackson in Uncategorized

We just added a new tab to the website called “Location”.  On it is a video about how to get from Virginia Tech’s campus to 130 Jackson.  You can check it out here.

Support Starving, Mentally Conflicted Entertainers

Posted: 6th July 2011 by 130jackson in Concerts

Coming up is another great metal show hosted by Flannel Gurl Records called TRON.  The Emotron will headline with other great acts like Andy the Doorbum, The Bastards of Fate, Rotting Obscene, and Deral Fenderson. Doors open at 7.45p. Five (5) bands – Five (5) dollars!  You can’t do much better than that!  

Metal, Electronic Pop, Punk, and more!

Posted: 1st July 2011 by 130jackson in Concerts

Don‘t forget that tonight Colossus headlights with a number of great acts – Lion Cub; Comrades; Shy, Low; and Times New Roman.  Doors will open at 7.50p.  The opening band takes the stage at 8.00p.  This will be a fun and eclectic collection of musicians.  And as Colossus says, it will melt your face.