By mike

In the summer of 2006, 130 Jackson St. NW had only recently been vacated by the American Red Cross. But before they had even left, [nlcf] had already started the ball rolling on a new lease for the building. Once the lease was signed, they began planning the renovation that would turn the space into a multipurpose venue for the church, independent music, and anyone interested in hosting an event in downtown Blacksburg.

The lights, drop ceiling, drywall, and wainscoting were removed revealing the steel roof support, the underside of the current roof that sits above the original roof line, old windows, and some awesome avocado-colored brick. The 9′ drop ceiling was replaced with a black drop ceiling that follows the original roofline, leaving the steel truss visible. The paint was stripped from the interior brick, leaving the natural but quite worn finish. The bathrooms were expanded to support the new nightclub zoning and the front doors and sidewalk were brought up to ADA guidelines. New HVAC was installed along with a projection system, architectural lighting controls, and a full concert PA.

But long before this building was 130 Jackson or even the American Red Cross, it was home to several restaurants (some of which hosted some later very famous bands), a car dealership, and likely some things we’re not even aware of. This page seeks to capture some of that history. Let us know about your story in this space by adding a comment below!

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