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Building Info: 130 Jackson has a maximum capacity of 200 people (standing room, ~80 for a seated dinner), based on room layout. Booking the space includes use of the main room and the side room, sound equipment, projection, lighting, and tables and chairs.

Please note: If you would like to use the sound equipment beyond a simple plug and play, you may be required to hire one of our sound technicians. A sound technician is available for hire at $30/hour.

Booking Policies: All organizations or individuals wishing to book 130 Jackson must inquire about the use and availability of the space by filling out the simple inquiry form.

The events coordinator for 130 Jackson should be in contact with you within 48 hours of filling out the inquiry form.  If after email consultation your event date/time has been approved, we will proceed with setting up a time to sign the contract and pay the associated fees for renting the space.

Quick Reference to Guidelines

All rentals are required to end by midnight.

All users of the facilities are expected to follow the guidelines for clean-up and maintenance of the facilities.

Misuse, abuse or inappropriate behavior may disqualify a group from future use of the facilities.

Rental Fees:
(All fees are subject to change.)

  • Venue: $30/hr*.
  • Sound/Projection Technician: $30/hr* (must be certified personnel by 130 Jackson.)
  • Building Manager: $20/hr*
  • Security deposit ($50-$500 depending on event) 

*Generally we do not rent the venue beyond 12:00 AM.  When exceptions are made, the rental rates double ($60/hr rental fee, $40/hr building manager, $60/hr Sound Technician)

Individuals/organizations that wish to book 130 Jackson may be required to pay a security deposit to secure the venue at least four (4) weeks in advance or at the time of the contract meeting.  This fee will be fully refunded after the event provided all aspects of the signed contract are fulfilled.

Venue Rental Schedule:

1) Fill out Building Request Form at least six (6) weeks prior to event.
2) Correspondence with the building manager – initiated by the building manager after email has been received. 
3) Contract Meeting set for approximately 1-2 weeks prior to event.
4) Confirmation of schedule & needs initiated by the building manager – 5-7 days prior. 


Event Insurance:

The purchase of event insurance may be required (upon the discretion of the Event Coordinator/Building Manager) for individuals/organizations that do not already have it.

The renter(s) must pay for all damages exceeding normal wear-and-tear done to the venue and it’s equipment, including, but not limited to, production equipment, art, tables, chairs, etc. as determined by the Event Manager.

Here is a site to get you started:

Nationwide Special Events Insurance

If you are required to have insurance, please email proof of insurance to at least two weeks prior to your event.

I Want to Book!  Start with the inquiry form located here!

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