By mike

June 2020 Update 

We have loved serving the NRV for over ten years now.  Unfortunately, we are closing the venue and moving to another location in Blacksburg.  We don’t know the exact future of the building itself, but we hope it will continue to be a place for community events.


What Is It?
130 Jackson is meant to be a place to benefit all of Blacksburg.  It is a multi-functional building designed for all kinds of events: business meetings, concerts, art shows, banquets, receptions, parties and just about anything else.

130 Jackson was renovated and reopened in 2009. Since then it has hosted a variety of events. In the past, we have co-hosted concerts with Flannel Gurl Records which showcase indie bands.  We have also helped host Fever to Sing (a downtown-wide music and arts festival) and Project Z (a series of short plays and films about zombies put on by the Collaborative Company of Virginia Tech). We’ve also had classes held here, craft fairs, fundraisers, piano recitals, and more!

Where Is It? 130 Jackson is located at the corner of Jackson St. and Draper Rd. It was formerly the Red Cross building. Coming from Jackson St., it is past Poor Billy’s Sushi into the parking lot. Coming from Draper Rd., take the staircase to the right of Bollo’s Cafe & Bakery.

Who? 130 Jackson is leased by New Life Christian Fellowship, an interdenominational church made up college students, young professionals, couples, families and kids in Blacksburg and in the New River Valley. NLCF uses 130 Jackson for many of its ministry-related purposes (meetings, band practices, Sunday services, etc.), but we also know that meeting/event space in downtown Blacksburg is limited. NLCF hopes to be an integral part of Blacksburg by inviting the community to use 130 Jackson.

Parking? Parking in the 130 Jackson lot is at all times limited to those who are using 130 Jackson. Parking in non-designated spots may result in your car being towed. To see which spots are designated for NLCF, please see this map.

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